Reclaimed Java Network and Project services:

  • With our own production, using mostly Reclaimed materials and our experience workers, we can handle any request to customize your requirements or project. And with our sourcing service we can connect you to a huge network with all kind of manufacturers to help you out with your interior and/or outdoor projects. Restaurant, Hotels, Galleries, Villa’s, Homes and Offices projects.
  • We can offer you: Flooring, Building materials, Decorations, Pots, CAD drawings, In&Outdoor furniture, Lightning and even a designer if you run out of ideas.

Stone suppliers:

  • We offer a professional lava stone supplier. With a saw that can cut up to 5 meter rocks and for our lava tiles we work in export quality with a 0,0mm tolerance.
  • For bathroom or swimming pool. For your indoor and for outdoor stone flooring the natural lava stone tiles are a great solution.
  • We offer a well orientated pebbles and stone wall panel supplier. As decoration in your garden or to cover the soil. As pebbles nets or tiles the natural shapes of these stones will bring that robust everlasting look for your projects.
  • With our Terrazzo supplier we can handle big orders. Terrazzo is used in kitchens, bathroom and other ‘wet’ places. Also the famous terrazzo pots and statues are until today a hot selling item.
  • With the local stone from Java and the many years of experience beautiful creations are made. Make your logo or favorite drawing in stone. Our Crafts people know how to cast the stone in all kinds of decorative designs, used as decorations and handy craft.
  • We have several statue suppliers. Depending on the type of stone/materials and the quantities we are willing to connect you to the supplier that is most suitable for your requirements.


Bamboo is a very fast growing grass with the strength of wood. Also the flexibility and durability of bamboo is making bamboo often to be used in building projects in Asia for scaffolding, roofing or Gazebo’s. Outside Asia bamboo is often used as a decoration material because of the natural looks. Ideal for panels in all kinds of sizes and in garden or indoors.

Palm Wood

Palm wood is a soft wood that characterizes itself with the dark vains and is often used for all kinds of frames and decorations. We offer all kinds of handmade products from the Kelapa tree and these items make a good filler you’re the small spaces that are left in your container.

Petrified Wood(Fossils):