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The Teak grown and used in Indonesia is called Tectonis Grandis and it is grown and harvested under Government control with a strong reforestation program in force.

The majority of Teak items are made from Plantation Teak but also re-used Teak is used. As urban renewal takes place Teak is recycled.


Mahogany refers to a long-lasting hardwood that is chiefly used in making good quality furniture. It is a unique type of wood which is renowned due to its lovely grain and dark, reddish-brown shade that renders an age-old look to the furniture.

Mahogany is not indigenous to Indonesia. Vast plantations were planted by the Dutch at the turn of the century. Solid Plantation Mahogany wood is supplied by PERUM PERHUTANI (The Indonesian Legal Forest Development Institution) which has adopted a strict replanting policy to ensure that the cultivation of mahogany wood will be successful for many hundred years.


The tree can grow up to 20 m in height, and stays evergreen in regions without a dry season. The leaves consist of 10-40 leaflets. The flowers are produced in racemes. The fruit is a brown pod-like legume, which contains a soft acidic pulp and many hard-coated seeds. The seeds can be scarified to enhance germination. Tamarind timber consists of hard, dark red heartwood and softer, yellowish sapwood. The wood is incredibly dense and heavy. The wood can become interspersed with a fungus that gives the wood an ornate ashy grey ribbon throughout.