Truck Wood Collection





Truck Wood:


After the hype with the Boat wood, characterized by it’s unique colors, we started looking for something new to re-use. And we found it. Old hard wood that was used for ages in Industrial buildings and logistics were just thrown away and used as “Kayu Bakar” (firewood). Iron plates and beams are taking over and that gave as u huge resource to start working with.

The hard wood, often covered with 2 to 8 layers of paint, holes and nails were carefully selected and cleaned. During the process it was every time a pleasant surprise to find out what colors to find. Also the wood that was untreated came out beautiful and showed similar character with the railway sleepers (Ironwood).

In 2016 at the IFEX Jakarta CV Reclaimed Java Furniture proudly presents her own designed and unique collection with this Truck Wood. This innovative new furniture is carefully made in Yogyakarta by experienced carpenters. To guarantee a strong construction we used teak wood on the places where the Truck Wood was not suitable.

All though we started with a small collection of furniture we hope to keep developing our collection. We are open to work together with designers and product developers to create new products based on our ideas.